Vredestein Tyres Review in English 

Vredestein Tyres Review in English 

Tyres are presumably the most important and yet occasionally the most ignored element on a vehicle. They do not bear important care or conservation except in case of a perforation and this leads to utmost vehicle possessors ignoring them for the utmost part. 

 Vredestein  Tyres Review in English 
Vredestein Tyres Review in English 

It’s at this point that we must say, it does not count how advanced or sophisticated your vehicle is if the tyres you’re using aren’t over to the mark. Tyres are the sole point of contact between your vehicle and the road and hence it pays to have decoration tyres on your auto or motorcycle. This is where decoration tyre brands like Vredestein come into the picture. 

 Vredestein is a Dutch tyre brand with a lot of history and heritage and it lately launched a many of its tyres in the Indian request. We were invited to the Buddh International Circuit to check out these tyres and we were relatively impressed. Read on to find out why! 

Vredestein Tyres- The Heritage Story 

 One can not really talk about Vredestein without talking about its history. The brand is further than 110 times old and has manufactured millions of tyres over time. Every big brand has humble onsets, and so it’s with Vredestein too. 

It was in 1909 that the name Vredestein first appeared, a time after its author Emile Louis Constant Schiff acquired the Guttapercha Company in the Netherlands. Shortly later, in 1910, the first Vredestein tyre was manufactured, albeit for bikes. The bicycling scene is massive in the Netherlands, and Vredestein provisioned to this request. 

 Just two times latterly, in 1912, the brand started producing tyres for passenger vehicles. Over several decades, Vredestein achieved several feats like manufacturing tyres for service in World War II, getting one of the first to make tubless tyres, manufacturing the world cycling crown- winning tyre, producing the world’s first sword- wrapped tyre,etc. 

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 Relatively simply also, Vredestein is a brand that knows its way around tyres and now we in INdia have access to their ultraexpensive range of tyres. 

Vredestein India 

In 2009, Gurugram- grounded Global tyre manufacturing mammoth Apollo took over Vredestein tyres and it was incontinently suspected that Vredestein would soon make its Indian debut. still, it does feel like Apollo Tyres took their own sweet time to launch the Vredestein brand in the Indian request. 

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 In 2013, Vredestein tyres were introduced for a brief period. still, consumer response and was not satisfactory enough, and launch plans were laid over. Eventually, before this time, Vredestein Tyres was launched in around 18 Indian metropolises. 

In December 2021, blazoned its expansion to 30 Indian metropolises and also officially launched the Ultrac brand of tyres formid-sized cruisers and decoration hatchbacks. 

Vredestein Tyres In India 

Vredestein presently sells four tyre brands in the Indian request, targeted at different parts. 

Vredestein Ultrac 

Ultrac is the entry- position tyre from Vredestein and is targeted at decoration hatchbacks like the Maruti Suzuki Baleno, Hyundai i20, Volkswagen Polo, andmid-sized cruisers like the Honda City, Maruti Suzuki CIaz, Hyundai Verna, etc. This tyre is available in sizes starting from 15 elevation and going up to 18 elevation. 

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