Toyota Etios Liva Travel Review in English 

Toyota Etios Liva Travel Review in English 

 The appearance of the Toyota Etios Liva for testing wasn’t girdled by the kind of enthusiasm that a luxury Audi could garner, for illustration, but the fact that the auto impressed in several aspects is testament to why Toyota is Toyota. 

 Kodaikanal was chosen as destination for this trip review, because of the great roads from Bangalore that would offer the perfect proving ground for the Liva’s trace mores, combined with the twisties of the ghat road leading up to the beautiful hill station in the Palani Ghats. 

 So we have kinda burst the bubble formerly, but what made this auto crack so numerous boxes? Well, that is what we are then to reveal to you, so let’s dive right into the thick of it. 

Toyota Etios Liva Travel Review in English 
Toyota Etios Liva Travel Review in English 

 Saturday evening had fallen over a Bangalore readying to hit the cafés , and our little white number was formerly making musketeers with an aged Liva. There is not too important to separate the two at first regard, but a slightly near look will punctuate the new tulle, which seems to display a touch more purpose and dégagé intent than its precursor. 

 It sounded like we could not get enough of the Liva in Bangalore, with another red instance working its way through bustling Hosur Road leading out of the megacity, seen in front of the central tacho and speedo. But once we we on the move again, the auto began to really come into its own. We will get to the nitty gritties of the driving experience a little further into this story. 

 We were now making good time formerly we passed Hosur city, and pulled over for a caffeine hit some 50-odd kilometres from cloth-central Salem. The coffee was strong, important like the Liva’smid-range grunt, commodity we were getting nicely habituated to as we progressed down NH7. 

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 We turned off NH7 at around 1 am, and came across a tabernacle jubilee outside the panchayat city of Bathlagundu that’s notorious for its husbandry. Pronounced ‘ Vathalakkundu’, this small city is also the last chance to stop at Dindigul Thalapakatty, a notorious Tamilnadu chain of caffs

 that gossip out some rather fine biriyani and ‘non-veg particulars’. The brightly lit up goddess seen then could be spotted from a good distance down, and we could not repel a quick halt to capture the stark discrepancy of the neon lights against a moonless night sky. 

 A generally chill morning had broken in Kodaikanal, which played the perfect antipode to our snapping intentions. Then’s the scene from the Upper Lake View, a place that handed a good print op with the city and Kodai Lake from a great edge point, though the experience is generally accompanied by swarms of sightseer attention. 

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 So let’s take a near look at the Liva’s frontal fasica. The rearmost replication of the Japanese hatchback is incontinently recognisable as a Liva, but features a new tulle design that seems evocative of Subaru design cues. Contrivers feel to have stuck with simplicity, and it actually works. still, some might suppose it a trifle mellow, and without enough character to shake off its call- hack image. 

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