Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps

Clubhouse App
Clubhouse App

1.Fireside – Made in India

Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps
Clubhouse App

At the moment, many social media users are interested in what the founders of the Chingaari application created Fireside, its features and much more. India has Leher (which was founded in 2018 but only gained popularity last year) and recent launches like FLYXs Bakstage and Fireside, an audio-based social media app launched by Bangalore-based Chingari (the Indian alternative to TikToks). Chingari was launched last year with great fanfare following the TikTok ban, causing a stir in the short video app segment in India. Startup co-founder Aditya Kotari is one of the developers behind the Fireside app, which launched in early May.

With over 100,000 installs on the Google Play Store in a month, Fireside is one of the top 10 apps in the Lifestyle category. Like Clubhouse, Fireside allows users to initiate and join audio conversations in virtual rooms. 

The pandemic has also made people aware of the importance of a quick and sustained effort to boost urgent messages, and the Fireside app is perfect for those needs.

Twitter, Telegram and even Fireside made in India can be downloaded on both Android and iOS. Taking advantage of the fact that Clubhouse is only available to iOS users, Chingari’s founders have made the app available for Android and iOS. Like Clubhouse, the Fireside app also allows you to follow other people and make connections on the platform. Fireside, developed by the creators of short video app Chingari, is a standalone app (like Clubhouse) rather than a built-in feature like Twitter Spaces or Reddit Talk.

The concept of Fireside is similar to the popular Clubhouse, which is currently only available to iOS users. This is a direct response to the Clubhouse app, another audio-only social media platform that has seen huge growth lately. The application is positioned as the first voice social platform from India. However, an Indian app called Leher, another audio-only social media platform, was launched long before Firesides was launched.

The company is calling it India’s first social media voice app, which is not entirely true. The company is calling it India’s first social media voice app, which is not entirely true.

In June, microblogging platform Koo in India said it was working on its own social audio feature to be launched in a month. Clubhouse is testing an Android version of its app that could help bring in more users, but the platform faces a huge challenge with Facebook and Twitter either offering or planning to offer live audio as part of their existing apps with millions of users. users. Telegram does not place limits on the number of people who can listen through voice chats.

Regarding the Android version, the app listing states that all Android devices support Fireside. If you’d like to try Fireside, download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store from the link below. If you’d like to try Fireside, download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store using the link below. Let the Fireside app run in the background while you review your daily schedule.

Fireside is a new Indian app from the founders of Chingari competitor TikTok that allows users to enter virtual chat rooms and communicate only in audio format. Made in India The Fireside audio chat app (Fireside) was downloaded over a million times within a week of launch. The day after the Clubhouse app announced it was testing an Android version with the help of some friendly testers, the domestic audio app made its national debut on Tuesday. The founders of the Chingari app announced on Tuesday the launch of Fireside, a new audio-based social networking platform.

As for Fireside, the platform will get support from Chingari, the Indian alternative to TikTok. Fireside also faces the same problem, but instead of relying on exclusivity like Clubhouse and Twitter, it opens up the product to everyone from the start, with a focus on getting Indians to talk about anything and offering support rooms for resources. related to Covid-19. 19. The invite-only, audio-only platform has a long list of competitors, from Twitter Spaces Telegram and even a homebrew app.

Let’s figure it out. Clubhouse, which was previously only available on iPhone, launched a global Android app last week. Fireside, the Made in India app and competitor to Clubhouse, surpassed the one million download mark on the Google Play app almost a week after launch. The audio chat app developed by the founders of the Chingari short video platform has also released the Apple App Store app for free; however, its download data for iOS remains unclear. Seeing the rise of Clubhouse, Chingari’s short video creation platform, it launched its Fireside audio streaming platform in the country on Tuesday.

Among Firesides’ many problems, the most annoying is that its release coincided with the launch of Android Clubhouse, which means that all the FOMO and latent user demand that existed in the market has already been satisfied by the latter. In India, apps like Leher are looking to offer a desi alternative to Clubhouse. Now the creators of Chingari are back with a new app that offers an alternative to Clubhouse or a desi variant so to speak. Chingari app was one of the best alternatives for short videos right after TikTok was banned in India.

2.Telegram Voice Chat

Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps

Well, Telegram has figured this out and now allows you to join a voice chat with a different ID…well, not really, but you can join as a channel or a group, so you can create a virtual group or channel , to avoid unwanted attention. Other members of the group or channel can also join your chat by clicking on the special bar at the top of the group or channel that shows who is currently speaking. You can organize voice chats in any Telegram channel or public group where you are an admin.

Voice Chats is a Telegram feature that allows you to create voice chats in groups and channels that you are an administrator of. This voice chat feature previously existed for Telegram groups and was launched last December. We expect this to be one of the most interesting features of the messaging platform as it allows you to communicate with channel and group members using very advanced features.

Messaging app Telegram has released an update to its voice chat feature, allowing you to use public channels and groups as curated audio chats like clubhouses. The new audio-centric feature takes Telegram’s existing voice chat capabilities to the next level and allows users to have live voice chat sessions with an unlimited number of participants. The update, dubbed Voice Chat 2.0, allows you to record voice chats, raise your hand, and create unique invite links where other friends and channel members can join your chat instantly.

The new voice chat engine will be able to offer versatility in terms of voice contact, offering a similar ease of voice calls as users don’t have to set up a call and every member of the community who is online can join the conversation. Telegram says an unlimited number of users can join an audio call, but group video calls will be limited to the first 30 people who join the voice chat. The company plans to raise this limit “in the near future,” the report said. Even in the latest app update, there will be no limit on the number of channel members.

Telegram channel and public group admins can now make unlimited real-time voice calls to members. this feature used to be exclusive to group chats, but now you can broadcast to many listeners willing (or unwilling) in public groups and channels. Unfortunately, scheduled voice calls are not available for individual private chats.

So if you’re not a member of a group or channel, at least until you can take advantage of this opportunity. This way, users don’t have to unmute important guests when joining, and they can use a different link to promote upcoming chats in their community. Users can also more easily see the topics that will be discussed in the chat, as additional titles can be entered before entering the channel.

This way channel admins can schedule a meeting for all members who will see a notification at the top of the chat. The channel/group admin will be notified as soon as you raise your hand and will then be able to allow you to talk about their restrictions.

The microphone icon should turn green and the text “Speaking” should appear below your display name. If other participants have joined and are listening, the text Listening will appear below their name.

You can chat with anyone online, add animations or invite more people. You can also change the chat name and permissions as shown above. In a chat where a participant is muted, listeners can click to raise their hand and remind moderators that they want to speak. In a live chat session, when a participant is muted, listeners can alert the administrator if they want to speak by raising their hand.

To make it easy for administrators to recognize the credentials of a particular member, they now see their bio, where they can mention experience in this matter. Thus, administrators can easily manage the speaker list and mute or unmute the sound.

Voice chats in Telegram groups must be enabled by the group administrator, but then they can be enabled permanently as an audio layer, and group members are free to join and leave as they see fit. You can use these voices, channels or group chats repeatedly to communicate with your family on live radio, chat with your subscribers through spaces, and discuss any topic with other users. We remind you that you must first create a Telegram channel and become an administrator in order to be able to start a voice discussion with all members.

When channel members enter a chat, they’ll also see an active audio room at the top, and can quickly join it to be a part of it. When a user is in a voice chat, they can leave the group or channel they are in and continue doing other activities in Telegram. Now, users can also listen to voice messages from where they left off.

The new feature aims to create a conferencing voice chat room for everyone, where users can have brief chats but live with each other instead of showing up at everyone’s allotted time. Voice Chat 2.0 is based on the Clubhouses platform, and users can participate in ongoing discussions by making it available to the various channels and public groups that are the cornerstones of the Telegrams platform. Telegram has actually had voice chat for a while now, but over the past year it has promoted the option as a way for small groups or large public channels to communicate on newsgroups, or even as a traditional An alternative to podcast recording and distribution. .

While you’re at it, read our guide to scheduling Telegram text messages. Last month, Twitter was also seen testing a scheduling feature for Spaces that would allow hosts to send notifications of an upcoming voice chat via a tweet with a toggled “Set Reminder” button so that interested people can be notified when it starts.

3.Facebook Live Audio Rooms

Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps

Facebook groups can create private rooms that only group members can access, or public rooms that anyone can join. The host can invite anyone who is a presenter in advance or during the meeting, such as friends, subscribers, verified public figures, or any other audience member. Public figures can invite friends, followers, verified public figures, or any audience member to the room as a speaker. People in the Facebook group will create a live sound booth that others can join, with a pre-set lineup of speakers in front of the virtual stage and an audience below it.

Users are notified if any of their friends or followers join the room they are in and live subtitles are available. Some public figures and Facebook groups in the United States can create live audio rooms on iOS, and some podcasts will be available to listeners in the United States. According to the post, all verified public figures, creators, and Facebook groups around the world will be able to host Live Audio Rooms. 

And today, Facebook announced the expansion of its social audio plans, with live audio rooms available to public figures around the world and a new dedicated space in the Watch tab to help users connect across all platforms with a variety of audio options. In addition to Live Audio Rooms, Facebook also runs podcasts on its platform, allowing users to listen while browsing Facebook through a mini player or full screen player. In the coming months, Facebook will launch new features such as subtitles or the ability to create and share short clips from podcasts. Instagram Reels-like shortened audios and podcasts will soon be added to the platform’s features. 

However, Facebook is not the only company taking advantage of the Clubhouses concept. The new Clubhouse functionality is now available globally and will be available to creators, public figures and groups worldwide. Directly competing with Clubhouse, Facebook Live Rooms are now available in every country where Facebook has a presence. While these new products are only available to select public figures and groups, every Facebook user in the US will be able to connect to the Live Audio Room and Podcasts from the week of their initial launch1. 

As mentioned earlier, the new Facebook add-on will mimic Clubhouse, allowing users to join and listen to live conversations on various topics with public figures, experts and others on various topics2. This feature will be more prominent in the Facebook News Feed, where users will be able to subscribe to receive notifications and join Audio Rooms once they are launched. The feature emulates the carefully curated audio spaces popularized by Clubhouse, allowing users to host, join and listen to conversations and performances on the platform. 

4.Twitter Spaces

Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps

It is hoped that this audio chat will also be created by the Twitter company after the clubhouse opens. Every user in the Twitter company also focused on this. The audio chat was created very quickly.  Similarly this audio chat has been made publicly available in a newer version. It is similar to Clubhouse but created within Fleet on within Twitter. Any Twitter user in India can easily host the space. Worldwide, this option is only available to users with more than 600 followers or this option is unlocked.

Social audio like Twitter Spaces offers “newsrooms and journalists the opportunity to have an open and sincere conversation with their audience about what’s going on in the world and the stories they’re covering,” he said. There is no doubt that with the ability to have live audio conversations, Twitter Spaces will give way to genuine interaction. Twitter is constantly improving the Spaces feature to make it even more useful for businesses and individuals alike. Twitter is testing the ability for hosts to create ticketed spaces where listeners can gain exclusive access to conversations. 

If you’re using the This app on iOS, you can create a space by holding down the same button you use to tweet and then tapping the space icon. On Android, just tap the Compose Tweet (+) icon to create a new Tweet, and if you have the option to put a space, you’ll see a space icon. By default, your Space name will be “Space [your Twitter name]” and cannot be changed at this time. 

Each space can have up to 13 speakers (including the host and two co-hosts). The host can also invite others outside the space to chat via DM. Users can post these conversations in an audio chat called “Space” and invite other users to join.

Twitter is playing with Clubhouse and other social audio platforms for market share, and is increasingly battling to stand out to fill any feature gaps. With new features like paid space, co-hosting, and an improved captioning experience, Twitter is already determined to become the king of live audio platforms. It’s time for you to step into the conversation to take advantage of the raw, unfiltered, real-time interaction that Twitter’s audio spaces can bring to your brand.

This way, when someone introduces you through the Twitter Spaces tab, they are more likely to join the conversation. If you’re not sure if you can tweet a topic, you can view it in the app.

5.Discord Stage Channels

Top 5 Trending Clubhouse Apps

A scene moderator is completely different from a server’s discord moderator. Once the stage is set, the host can control the speakers, as well as add, delete, or mute existing speakers. Discord said viewers can also raise their hands during the event if they want to speak.

The launch of the latest Discord feature comes after other services including Slack, Twitter, and LinkedIn also announced Clubhouse-like features. Discord has officially announced this feature, which is available for Windows 10, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web app. 

Using Stage Channels and discovery, you can share your ideas with millions of users using Discord. Once you’ve set up a community server in Discord, you can start creating Stage channels in Discord. If you just want to join a Discord Stage channel, just click on the name of the Stage channel (with the broadcast icon) and you will join as an automatically muted audience. 

You need to enter an appropriate topic name and click “Open Stage” to get started. All you have to do to open a scene is write a theme that will appear at the top under your server’s title or banner. 

The Stage channel itself will remain a permanent channel (unless removed) and you can install a new theme if you want to launch another event later. Stage moderators can choose which of the participants can speak in the channel and continue the conversation.

Whether you’re looking to run a one-time paid event or create a subscriber-only series of content, Stage Channels gives you the opportunity to earn extra income as well as add value to your community. Because you can create tiered subscriptions in LaunchPass, you can offer access to Stage channels as part of a higher-tier subscription, such as a Platinum package if you have Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions.

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