Top 10 Free Study Apps For Students (Not Sponsored)

we all agree that apps are a great way to learn they are interactive entertaining and personal  but there are so many apps and we don’t want to clutter our phone with unnecessary downloads so  my team and i have been looking for the best free study apps for you we downloaded each of them and  used them for months before finalizing our list of the top 10 free study apps that we believe  every student must use first of all i must make it very clear that all the apps that we’ve chosen  are free and none of these apps are sponsored now we used a few criteria to select these apps  

Top 10 Free Study Apps For Students (Not Sponsored)
Top 10 Free Study Apps For Students (Not Sponsored)

first we were looking for a variety of study topics so there are apps on physics chemistry  math english vocabulary and computer programming some of them have great resources like videos  and lessons some have formulae some just are great quizzing and testing apps second not only  did we want the apps to be free but we also wanted them to have minimally disturbing ads  at number three we looked for apps with a rating of at least 4.4 stars four we looked for amazing  reviews in fact we went through the reviews on the play store and made sure that the users  love these apps most of these apps featured on our list also have a minimum 1 million download  in fact some of these apps also have up to 10 million downloads now i promise that  you’re going to love these apps and number six will surprise you

so let’s get goinghey this is chetna and you’re watching ChetChatand this is my list of the top 10 free study apps  for you at number one we have an app straight from microsoft called microsoft math solver this  is the perfect math app and you get three options here you can either scan your question out or you  can draw something so let’s say you write or you can type out your question and they have a little  bit of a scientific calculator here and if i tap here look at the kind of topics they have  let’s say you want to go here you’ll have some questions those questions will have graphs  and in the beta version you can even get a 20 to 30 minute free tutoring class  the app has more than 5 million downloads and is rated at an average of 4.6 on the play store  the app is not only 100 free but also free from all ads so no problem if you have a math problem  at number two we have a very interesting app called formula it’s a very cool app it gives  you all the formulae of let’s say math physics chemistry let’s click on physics these are the  kind of topics you get let’s say you’ll get formulae you’ll get all the concepts here as you

go down you’ll get some fun days on the periodic table what’s interesting is with the tools here  you can get unit conversions for example you want different conversions from one unit to another you  can also get maybe what are the different units of electric current etc what i really love about this  app is this scientific calculator which you get on the go the app has more than 500 000 downloads  and has an average rating of 4.7 a compact and useful app for all students if you’re using any  of these apps or any other free apps that you find very very useful then share that with us  in the comment section at number three we have our all time favorite the khan academy khan academy is  a very popular app providing world-class content on school education for the longest time with the  same amazing quality all for free so for example to test prep very interesting if you’re preparing  for let’s say the lsat or the sat you’re going to get a host of material here including tests  and mock tests etc

so let’s say we click on math look at the range of math that you get  different topics you click which of the ordered pairs is a solution of the following equation  they have more than 10 million downloads in the play store and have an average rating of 4.4  at number 4 we have an english app called bbc learning english the app has more than  5 million downloads and an average rating of 4.4 the app is super catchy and fun to learn  you’ll get a lesson for the day and as you go down you could even click on one of these videos hello  and welcome to the english we speak i’m feifei and i’m roy what i love is when you go under programs  you get the whole list you want business english you want to learn with news you want pronunciation  grammar vocabulary the best thing is that you don’t have to pay a penny for it so mesmerize  the world with your english skills and if you’re looking for apps that can help you with more than  just studying then do watch our article called

top 10 free apps that every student should use and  i will drop a link for you in the description box below at number 5 is memo memo is a perfect  partner for learning various computer languages for basic and intermediate levels and if you  have no prior knowledge of any coding that is no problem for me more you’ve got an option here when  you click on this here are your options you want to do web development you want to learn python  javascript html and css let’s click on python it’s a bit like a game you can see some featured  projects maybe some challenges ton of stuff but you’ve got to build you do one level you go to the  next that’s how this app is structured the app is completely free with 4.7 average rating and more  than 5 million downloads the best thing about the memo app is that at the end you get a personalized  certificate as well so keep coding and creating at 

number six we have a testing app called class sati  class sati is a relatively new app with hundred thousand downloads but their commitment to provide  valuable content made it to our list they score a 4.5 on an average rating on the play store class  sati helps students from class 6 to 10 to take mock tests in math and science so let’s say i pick  integers and then i start getting questions let’s say you want to go into science and  you’ve got all your chapters and you can have a whole host of questions to practice fromsuccessful completion of required tests can also get you a certificate so practice more and learn  more at number seven we have a study app from the ministry of education government of india called  diksha diksha provides one of the most diverse and elaborate resources for school education ranging  from class 1 to class 12 is english medium you get different languages that you can pick from here  and as you go down

let’s say you choose geography you’ve got an option of either choosing all the  video resources or the documents the app has over 10 million downloads with a 4.4 average  rating so a 24 7 library is waiting on your device at number eight we have a quiz app called kahoot  kahoot has a 4.6 overall rating and more than 10 million downloads in fact kudos to the team  of kahoot who’ve created this super engaging and helpful app for students what you’re going to get  is the ability to play with your friends so if i go search and let’s say i pick in the news 2021  i can either study or i can play and then they’re going to keep putting flashcards in front of me  you flip it and then you say got it it’s pretty cute it’s much like a game so what are we waiting  for let’s quiz at

number nine we have a physics app called pocket physics in fact true to its name  it’s handy and a simple app for physics concept here’s your list of topics that you have you  click on one of them and it’s going to tell you about the concepts the main concepts the formulae  sometimes the derivation of the formulae and a few graphs physics in your pocket easy peasy  this app has more than one million downloads and an average rating of 4.6 and at

number 10 we have  word up what up is one of the most advanced ways of learning vocabulary and no wonder they have an  average rating of 4.7 and more than a million downloads so when you open the app they give  you a set of like a quiz but what i like is this magnifying lens and let’s search for a word here  so once i click on it they show me the definition maybe an image some quotation and they also given  give me a little video from maybe a popular show and some poem that i want to listen toso let’s end the forever search of a perfect dictionary in your pocket with word up and  if you’ve enjoyed this article share it with your friends and see you in the next one happy watching

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