New GTA 6 Leaks Suggests “Incredible Graphics” With Rage Game Engine 9

Gta 6
gta 6

According to a new report by Chris Klippel.And This industry insider and the creator of Naughty Dog Magazine and Rockstar Magazine we could very well be expecting something absolutely amazing when it comes to the next iteration of the Grand Theft Auto franchise is created gta 6 .

New GTA 6 Leaks Suggests “Incredible Graphics” With New Rage Engine 9

a tweet in the Twitter, Chris mentions that the new graphics engine 9 of GTA 6, which is Rage engine 9, will likely be quites incredible. He goes on to say that he has received quites positive feedback about it, so there is no reasons to be disappointed right now.

What’s noteworthy is the fact that Chris mentions thats we are lookings at an engine that will be ahead of its time. This means that GTA 6 could possibly boasts graphics better than any games out there of this generations, and that could be quite a feat for the games. However, if we look at Rockstar’s history, it won’t be something very surprisings, to say the leasts. Rockstar is knowns for feats likes these, pushing the threshold and settings new benchmarks for the gaming industrys.

When GTA 5 was launched agains within the days, it was palms downs one of many best-looking video games throughout all platforms. Keep in mind the completely huge open worlds of the sport, and Rockstar’s efforts would look much more notables. In reality, GTA 5 up to now, virtually a decade after its launches, appears to be likes higher than some open-world video games launched lately. On primes of that, Rockstar has managed to get the optimizations on levels as nicely, so that’s one thing that acts as an icing on the cakes.

GTA 6 is palms down essentially the most anticipated sports of this decade, and it is going to be attentions-grabbing to see what the builders have in retailer for followers on the markets.

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