Google’s next very good quality tablet has been codenamed ‘T6Pro’ or ‘tangorpro’, as per the engineer.

Google Could Be Chipping away at Second Foldable Telephone With Triple Back Cameras, Very good quality Tablet, Engineer Cases

Google’s next very good quality tablet has been codenamed ‘T6Pro’ or ‘tangorpro’, as per the engineer.


1.Google’s foldable telephone’s inward showcase could get an IMX355 sensor

2.Google is yet to formally affirm a foldable cell phone

3.The engineer accepts ‘Pipit’ and ‘Felix’ are different foldable telephones

Google could be dealing with a second foldable telephone and another tablet, as indicated by an engineer. A screen capture of the code from Google’s Android 13 Quarterly Stage Delivery 1 (QPR1) beta was shared by the engineer, which focuses to the camera details of one more foldable handset from the tech goliath. Refering to the code, the designer added that the telephone could be outfitted with a triple back camera arrangement with a Sony IMX787 essential senor, a Sony IMX386 super wide point focal point, and a Samsung S5k3J1 zooming focal point. The organization was recently tipped to be dealing with a foldable telephone recently.

Kuba Wojciechowsk, an engineer, as of late took to Twitter to share screen captures of the code from Google’s Android 13 QPR1 beta form. Secret in Google’s code, the engineer spotted two new gadgets that the organization could chip away at. The first is supposed to be a foldable telephone with the codename ‘Felix’, while the other is supposed to be a very good quality tablet with the codename ‘T6Pro’ or ‘tangorpro’. In a similar Twitter string, Wojciechowsk likewise shared the camera particulars of Google’s implied foldable telephone.

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As indicated by Wojciechowsk, the foldable telephone codenamed ‘Felix’ from Google will include a triple back camera arrangement. The handset is said to wear an IMX787 essential senor, an IMX386 super wide point focal point, and a S5K3J1 zooming focal point. On the internal presentation, highlighting an IMX355 sensor is said. On the external showcase, the telephone could don a S5k3J1 fax selfie camera.

Wojciechowsk further added that the very good quality tablet structure Google, codenamed ‘T6Pro’ or ‘tangorpro’ is still a work in progress, and the code hints towards no progressions to be tablet. As indicated by a previous report, Google’s ‘Pipit’ foldable telephone was spotted on the benchmarking site Geekbench.

The ‘Pipit’ handset was tipped to include a Tensor SoC. Wojciechowsk accepts that ‘Felix’ is an alternate foldable cell phone that the recently spotted ‘Pipit’. The designer likewise said that the Tensor SoC for the reputed foldable cell phone would be obsolete when it is sent off. As per another report, Google’s foldable telephone is tipped to be known as the Pixel Overlay or Pixel Scratch pad.

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